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“Dr. Mike is always quick to respond to all of my questions. His practical advice is so valuable when I need support caring for the dogs at my daycare”

Mitch Faigan, Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare


Veterinarian and Pet Wellness Advocate

Hello, I'm Dr. Mike

I began spreading the good word about pet wellness as far back as 2008 when I co-created and co-hosted the radio/internet show Animal House Radio.

Since then, I have continued practicing veterinary medicine and educating people about preventative strategies and natural alternatives for helping our furry companions. I recently joined several other veterinarians in the field of veterinary telemedicine, a progressive and accessible addition to the veterinary medicine world!

My approach to combining traditional veterinary medicine with natural remedies such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, and diet can change your pet’s health and put them on the path to wellness.

My extensive research and particular interest in helping senior pets has led me to discover many causes of diseases in older pets and how they can be caught early or even prevented.

Puppies and kittens present a perfect opportunity to teach proper behaviour. My approach to socializing young animals teaches owners to reward positive behaviours and strengthen the human-animal bond. It’s a win-win technique!

Prevention is my philosophy; stop diseases and behaviour problems before they happen. It’s much easier to be proactive than to clean up a mess!

I am dedicated to helping pet owners learn how to be champions for their pets. By teaching others how to recognize tell-tale signs of disease, we become empowered to play an essential role in the health of our pets.

When I’m not answering animal questions from friends, family and clients, I try to find time for hiking, kayaking, playing guitar and secretly licking the maple syrup from my plate.