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Learn to become proactive so you can save money on veterinary fees.


Understand the importance of communication with your veterinarian


Recognize real potential problems before they become worse


Discover the power of Natural Therapies


Find out more about reward-based training

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“Dr. Mike is always quick to respond to all of my questions. His practical advice is so valuable when I need support caring for the dogs at my daycare”

Mitch Faigan, Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare


Veterinarian and Pet Wellness Advocate

Hello, I’m Dr. Mike

My practical approach to pet wellness involves combining traditional veterinary medicine with natural remedies such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and diet to improve your pet’s health.

Learn how to be a champion for your pet! By teaching you how to recognize tell-tale signs of disease, I empower you to play an essential role in the health of your pet.

You can gain a better understanding of animal behaviour, helping you tackle problems like your cat scratching the couch or your dog pulling on leash.

Prevention is my philosophy; stop diseases and behaviour problems before they happen. It’s much easier and cost effective to be proactive, than to clean up a mess.